whims + purpose with Andrea Menard

Andrea Menard is a firecracker of positivity and beautiful sounds. She is a singer, speaker, writer, and an actor. You might have heard her voice at a live event or recording, or know her from the APTN series Blackstone and Hard Rock Medical. She currentlly plays a transgender cop on The Switch, and has been in numerous other productions.

Andrea Menard inspires. She wins awards and she leads with her positive vision.  

Here, we talk about listening to what fires you up. Andrea riffs on how we must follow what delights us—our whims—in order to find our purpose. (Hint, from Andrea, on finding your purpose: "You're not going to get a manual!" Or. . . most of us won't.) Andrea refers to that "still, small voice" and "the answer that is invisible." These all could be a "call:" and they may come from higher wisdom.

To help celebrate Aboriginal Music Week in Winnipeg this week, Andrea featured on the APTN National News yesterday (August 18th, 2015: see, roughly, 15:20 to 21:00 minutes in). Here, she talks about positive music, healing, and voting in the upcoming federal election.  

Hear Andrea Menard's music on Bandcamp. Check out "Answer the Call," the song we talk about around 4:44 on our whim-talk. Or, listen to one of my favourites—the title song on Andrea's latest recording, Lift—"Lift (A Tribute to Gordon Tootoosis)." 

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