Curiosity and clarity: one guides my search for the other, and there's no letting up in sight.

Lori Claerhout, Writer

I've been writing and editing for hire since 1998. In the beginning, it was editing gas company publications and researching a book on student loans in Canada. I wanted answers! I learned that "mercaptan" is the substance added to natural gas to make it smell, and that there are many ways to fund your time with a Canadian post-secondary institution.

And then I started working working for one.

Editing distance undergraduate materials honed my skills at following style guides, targeting an audience with instruction, writing compassionate author letters, and negotiating copyright. I continue to edit academic papers and write and edit online content for businesses and other nonfiction. 

But really, as a writer and intuition-listener, I am deeply passionate about whims.

What are they? How do they work? And what do they mean to our creative tugs and joy in life? 

Whims. Maybe they allow us to stretch. Maybe they inform creative processes. And, maybe, they allow us freedom: to try, to fail, to review, to hone, and to create elegant beauties in the world.

When I'm not writing, asking questions, or exploring whims, you can find me on the great 2017-2018 sabbatical adventure with my partner, Mike, where we both work from whatever location we've blown into today. Check out our latest work-neighbourhoods on Instagram. I'm loriclaerhout over there.