whims + spinning with Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is a psychologist, author, speaker, mentor, event designer, and all around delightful human being. We met in snowy Athabasca in 2013 over sketched-out ideas, scribbled notebooks, and deep play with our mutual friend Alexandra Franzen. And there, whims came and hatched into being. 

Gemma describes a whim as an unexpected turn: as a space where clarity can come; where freedom exists; and where surrender and trusting the moment of the whim, regardless of what logic might say, leads us out of suffering. Listen in to hear how the spinning that could quite possibly cause confusion can actually yield good guidance and strong moments of knowing. 

See all things that Gemma is up to at gemmastone.org. In the spirit of more happiness, more joy, and more play, Gemma and I will both be presenting at Melsha Shea's second SHIFT on October 23-25, 2015 in Edmonton. Tickets go on sale August 1!