Websites that Inspire

Shawna Lemay declares that you are required to make something beautiful, and expands on that idea over at her website titled Transactions with Beauty. When I feel like I just can't, I remind myself to go and take a look. Shawna also sells her photographs to Getty.

"Writing the Self" is a concept that has me becoming curioser and curioser. It's a concept, coupled with career writing, that Reinekke Lengelle is exploring and expanding. I met Reinekke as an academic colleague, and now know that her writing also includes many creative offshoots, like fiction, poetry, and playwriting. I return here for reminders of why we write.

Professional writer Alexandra Franzen elegantly puts words together on all sorts of topics. Her through-line is kindness and her website is filled to the brim with writing ideas and suggestions for making the world a better place.
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A life in progress: how often do we simply forget that we're all here, simply evolving together? Through her collection of short essays and and pictures-painted-in-words, Krista O'Reilly-Davi-Digui offers gentle reminders as she walks along with us.

Wisdom and care. What more could we need? Alison Gresik approaches it all, while not shying away from the topic of depression, and how creative types can keep on creating, even through moments such as depression.
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After some time ago having clipped a list that inspired me, I'm now reading through the work of Karen Maizen Miller, and sitting in the stillness of that inspiration.


On writing and editing

Five good reasons to hire an editor.

What's the difference between a proofread, copy edit, and a substantive edit? Start with the Editors Canada definitions of editorial skill.

Restless Writers has some fantastic resources, including agent searches and query help.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf at KOK Edit has the best list of editing resources (Canadian and American) online, from a style guide of American bishops to referencing and line-counting software to a collection of tea vendors.

Louise Harnby has the best list of editing resources (UK-specific) online, including proofreading cheklists, accounts templates and all kinds of knowledge about fiction editing and proofreading.

Words and word origins

Oxford English dictionary 

Word origins: I check this site more than I'd like to admit. It's just like it sounds.

Style guides

APA Style: even after many years of using it, I check back on my Kindle APA manual throughout the editing of an academic paper that uses it. The APA Style Blog helps with out-of-the-norm situations like what to do with a first name change for a transgender author. Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is still the best place to double check APA 6 style.

Chicago Manual of Style has a quick citation guide available online, and Purdue's OWL is also helpful; but for the whole story, you'll need a copy.

The First Nations House of Learning at Universiy of British Columbia (UBC) has created a style guide for communicating respectfully with and about Indigenous Peoples, helping writers to use terminology and meanings appropriately.

Technical writing skills

How to reply to comments in MS Word.

Capitalize My Title: when you don't know what to do with a title, this does the work in the four major styles.


Dene font web keyboard:

Passion Planner: it's my number one keep-things-straight tool. Old school, on paper.