whims + whispers with Tanya Geisler

Last fall, Tanya and I met to talk whims. . . and the internet objected. We tried several times. It seemed as if we could talk about anything else—friends, work, the weather—and all was fine. And once we began digging deep into whims, our call would crash. (What does this woo-woo mean? I'm still wondering.) Thankfully, I managed to piece together a short snippet of Tanya's effusive personality on the topic of whims. And, the way I see it, we'll just have to catch the rest in person.

Tanya is a Life and Leadership Coach (CPCC) who uses the metaphor (or reality!) of your life as a grand [artistic, theatre] production. Because it is, isn't it? Tanya studies the Imposter Complex and has talked about it from the TEDxWomen stage. Her Step Into Your Starring Role program approaches that unhelpful beast that commonly stands between our earned knowledge and our sharing it boldly with the world. And Tanya is bringing her Step Into Your Starring Role one-day retreat to the forest in September 2016. Join us in Athabasca


*also featuring prominently on the call is my "I'm kind of a Big Deal" mug, which I think everyone should have and use. Go and find yourself one! And that's an order.

whims + courage with Tania Wojciechowski

For Tania Wojciechowski, "The courage comes pre-packaged" with whims. If there's fear, it might not be a whim. Whoa. For me, this brings us to the essence of whim-finding. Whims feel good. And, as Tania says here, "If it doesn't feel like a whim, it may not be the best thing for me." Tania goes on to talk about how following a whim led her to co-found and produce a creativity retreat for women, twice (!), in another country. 

Tania runs Manusmade: create your sanctuary, a business and concept rooted in getting out of your head and into your hands. Tania invites us into discussion at The Harvest Table at Manusmade. She is a home stager and created a series of organizational videos based on the Marie Kondo book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up this year: her video demonstrating decluttering clothes using the Konmari method currently has nearly 30,000 views.

Whims and courage: a perfect pair.

whims + wisdom with Sara Wallace

Sara Wallace is an artist-historian (I know: cool, right??) who thinks strategically and has an entrepreneurial mind. We met at a creativity retreat in 2012, when Sara was about to launch a brand-new era of her life. I didn't know it at the time, but as she reveals in the video, she was in the midst of following one big whim.

This summer, we had the chance to be in the same place at the same time. What joy! There were hugs, meals, crafts, art-viewings, dress-ups, dog snuggles, and this talk (among many). 

Here, Sara tells us about "resonating with the wisdom" in that moment of whim guidance. Trust is big. She also notes the huge emotional payoff that happens when we are in the midst of following a whim.

Sara's work straddles the line between professional and creative. She helps creatives in moving their careers forward with strategy. And she helps professionals, leading their strategic careers forward with creativity. It's how Sara balances her many talents, and keeps her interests flowing. Sound like your cup of tea? Sara is currently offering complementary 30-minute strategy sessions to see if you might be a good fit to work together.

Find all things Sara Wallace at sarahwallace.org

whims + gold with Amy Oscar

Amy Oscar is many things: writer, soul caller, encourager of love—to name a few. We first met in Amy's online course, Soul Caller Training, and then really got deep in the Pennsylvania hills this summer.

Here, we talk about following whims: and how, sometimes, a whim comes as a part of conscious reflection. That is, some whims take time in the making. And then, when we follow them, beautiful opportunities arise, opportunities that we could never have dreamed up. Amy also talks about the other kind of "good ideas:" ideas that seem good, but are more fantastical—and she suggests how to tell them apart. We talk about feeling and knowing. Questioning and allowing. Word definitions. In Amy, there is limitless love, and it's pure gold.

Coming up this weekend, Amy is offering her Soul Caller Virtual Retreat—on Sunday, September 20th. This is a one day online gathering, in Amy's words, "to touch your soul and renew your spirit." Sign up here, at the closed Facebook group

In a few weeks, Amy offers her next Soul Caller Training—starting on October 6, 2015. This course is an absolute opening to love—for yourself, from the universe, and as it relates to all relationships. 

Now, find yourself a warm drink, carve out fifteen minutes, and nestle in. I invite you to join us while Amy and I talk whims, renovations, and gold. 

whims + ideas with Laureen Marchand

Laureen Marchand is a painter from southern Saskatchewan. She is represented in several galleries, holds many awards for her work, and is celebrated locally, provincially, and nationally.

Through her work, Laureen explores the relationship of appearance to reality. In our whim-talk, she thoughtfully examines where whims arise. They are "like good ideas that float by" and Laureen knows a good one when she sees it. She says that "it has to 'feel right,'" which I agree with one hundred percent.  

Laureen refers early on to Arthur Rackham illustrations. These are the fairies that you might have seen in your children's books (and been scared nearly to death of, like me). Further, Laureen introduces another definition of "whim" for me: that of a tool for pulling ore from the ground. Watch as I process all of that, in relation to how Laureen creates.

What I'll surely carry with me from Laureen is her comments on artistic process. She says, "Nothing happens until I'm done, and I never know where I'm going for sure. When it's right, I stop. And then I do it again, until the painting is right." 

Why I Still Love You Like I Do , (oil/board, "24" x 30") —Laureen Marchand, 2015

Why I Still Love You Like I Do, (oil/board, "24" x 30") —Laureen Marchand, 2015

Laureen Marchand's work can be found at galleries in Val Marie, in Galway, Ireland, and in several other galleries in Saskatchewan. At laureenmarchand.com, you can see her paintings and  mentoring and other services for artists.