whims + ice cream trucks with Erinne Sevigny Adachi

Officially, Erinne Sevigny Adachi is an editor and publishing consultant. But really, she is a magical handmaiden who coaxes stories from writers to help deliver them healthy and well onto the page. As she says in this video, Erinne helps writers to find their whims and to follow the right ones

Erinne compares whim-following to an ice cream truck. Further, she reveals a deep, dark secret about her marriage; encourages us to develop our skills around whims and intuition; and elaborates on how a part of her work works: as "a collaboration of intuitions" in finding a writerly direction that feels right. 

And I may have to repurpose Erinne's definition, that whims are "temporary bits of brilliance that transpire out of nowhere." I love it. 

See Erinne at Blue Pencil Consult, where you'll find information about her services for writers, publishers, and businesses. In 2013, she adventured through  The Great Canadian Publishing Tour, investigating the ins and outs of publishing in Canada.