intuition + action with Kimmy Beach

Kimmy Beach and I jam on where ideas come from, why we should go run with them, and hair in the early '90s (think high ponies and spiral waves).

Kim defines what whims are for her. They aren't something that comes from outside of her, but as something that is known, on the inside. We dig into what it's like to follow those moments of knowing—and what it's like when we don't. Kim refers to the book The Gift of Fear, and how we really do know that something's not quite right. And how we aren't taught how to do that.

Moments to watch for: my "Oprah moment," where I tell Kimmy what she's surely thinking, and then ask her (whoopsie!) (2:45); what Kim is up to next (a novella about a giant puppet—YES!) (3:53), and her best Tony Bennett impression (5:00). 

Kimmy Beach has five books of her own out in the world: Nice Day For Murder, poems involving James Cagney (2001); Alarum Within: Theatre Poems (2003); fake Paul, a sort-of love poem to Paul McCartney and his impersonator (2005); In Cars, where roller skating meets muscle cars, and so much more (2007); and The Last Temptation of Bond, an erotic, adventurous and [ir]/reverent exploration of 007 (2013). Go and check them out. If you don't think that you like poetry, think again.  

**And, I've moved my office around. The painting behind me is by Ira Hoffecker, and cheers me to no end.