Some recently published writing

A defining essay on Slow Beauty for Rocky Mountain Soap Company and an instructive and inspiring look into where their shea butter comes from.

Under the acacia tree, she asked, "What is your dream?" It's easy to tell a story about lending a hand when my favourite soap company goes to Tanzania.

Fun: How to plan an Auntie's Craft Day with pre-teen nieces. In our house, it's usually a few days, including pie-making, learning to juggle, and taking the dog to the park. On Alberta Mamas, a helpful and supportive place for parents in Alberta and beyond. 

A guest post on soul-shattering shock and sorrow, on a day when I could barely think, yet knew that I wanted to make good on my commitment and also reach out through the unimaginable. 

A guest post story about refusing help at

Column on surviving depression at Scoutie Girl.

All creative things at Oh My! Handmade Goodness.

Five Points to Consider When You’re Planning the Event of Your Life on She Owns It