You make writing fun!
Before attending your SHIFT session, I never would have thought about expressing myself through poems or short descriptive sentences. And when I sat to write with the short time frame you gave us, the creativity and words just seemed to flow.
Going through the activities with you made me realize that if you can open your mind to new ideas, and allow the creativity to flow, the writing can happen. It will happen!
Since your writing session, I am now committed to writing in my journal every night!

—Lesley Johnston-Woo

"I wouldn’t hesitate to invite Lori Claerhout back as a presenter at any of my events. She captivated the SHIFT audience with her wisdom on writing, journaling, intuition and whims. Lori delivers a balanced mix of soulful conversation and creative processes that engage her audience. As part of the Happiness Leader team, she was extremely helpful in stepping in, to fill time, when things didn’t go as planned. As a presenter, Lori is flexible and delivers what she promises. You won’t be disappointed!"

—Melsha Shea, SHIFT initiator