• free from debt
  • feel free and abundant, calm and beautiful
  • feel fully in sovereignty over my domain


  • see the people I love
  • commune with "my people," who I might not have met yet
  • see practitioners who interest me, like yogis and other teachers
  • travel to beautiful places
  • take my loved ones to beautiful places
    • drink coffee in Italy again
    • try semla in Sweden
    • sit by a beach with Mike again
    • take Cindy to a workshop
    • have a fun weekend with Sarah again
    • live in Vancouver again
    • shop in Montréal again
    • speak Spanish in Latin America
    • enjoy beauty in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands


  • drive a reliable, modernly functional, great-looking vehicle
  • read and look at all of the books I want
  • use all of the essential oils I could ever want
  • be surrounded by love-filled objects in our house
  • dress beautifully


  • buy presents for my loved ones from a feeling of generosity
  • help people who need it
  • find a charity I strongly believe in, and support it fully