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I wouldn’t hesitate to invite Lori Claerhout back as a presenter at any of my events. She captivated the SHIFT audience with her wisdom on writing, journaling, intuition and whims. Lori delivers a balanced mix of soulful conversation and creative processes that engage her audience. As part of the Happiness Leader team, she was extremely helpful in stepping in, to fill time, when things didn’t go as planned. As a presenter, Lori is flexible and delivers what she promises. You won’t be disappointed!
— Melsha Shea, SHIFT Initiator,
I met Lori-Ann for the first time in December 2013, when she & Nicola organized TEDxGarneauWomen. Since then, I have met with her on several occasions to get to know her; discover some of her life goals, principles and generally, what makes her tick. Writing & editing are just two of her many talents. More recently, she wrote some pages on my website and other aspects of my social media platforms after she had conducted in-depth interviews with me. I am so happy with the results as they are true to what we had been struggling to convey previously.
— Funmi Omotade-Tan, photographer,
Lori-Ann was the most gracious host and planner who instantly made everyone feel welcomed, connected, and at ease. This retreat was a miracle moment for me. There was never a dull moment and no absence of genuine emotion and conscious learning. I left it, in the middle of a potentially-miserable northern February, gifted with life-long friends, an opened path to my new journey, and gratitude for Lori and Alex for a tremendous moment in time.
— Pamella Heikel,
You make writing fun!
Before attending your SHIFT session, I never would have thought about expressing myself through poems or short descriptive sentences. And when I sat to write with the short time frame you gave us, the creativity and words just seemed to flow.
Going through the activities with you made me realize that if you can open your mind to new ideas, and allow the creativity to flow, the writing can happen. It will happen!
Since your writing session, I am now committed to writing in my journal every night!
— Lesley Johnston-Woo
When I first met Lori-Ann, I thought, here’s a lady with style + substance.
When I first learned that Lori wanted to host one of my writing workshops — all the way up at the tippy-top of northern Alberta, in the middle of winter — I thought, here’s a lady who laughs in the face of subzero adversity!
When Lori welcomed me into her town + her home — whilst orchestrating one of the most gracious + cheerful workshops I’ve ever taught — I thought, here’s a lady who knows what she’s doing.
Lori-Ann is meticulous, hilarious, thoughtful + kind. A better right-hand gal you will be hard-pressed to find! (Just thinking about her sweet face prompts me to rhyme.)
— Alexandra Franzen, writer,
Lori will give you good quality editing that will make your work more concise, clear, and pleasurable to read. She was thoughtful and welcomed a little back and forth discussion to refine my message and discern what exactly I was wanting to communicate. Lori is quick with editing and good cheer; she is a pleasure to work with.
— Ian Grivois,
Lori is a brilliant editor. She took the information I provided her and made it shine in ways I didn’t even know were possible.
— Glenyce Hughes
Lori is my go-to for larger written Burke Group projects. She works closely with you to understand the client’s personality and tone so copy reflects who they are.

I’ve been working with Lori for years, and consistently get fresh-sounding copy and finely edited writing from her. Reading it I keep thinking, ‘Yes, that’s it!’
— Sarah Classen, Design + Marketing Manager,
Lori presents herself as a member of your writing team who is as eager to see your work succeed as you are. . . and she’s fun!
This was my first time working with a professional editor, so I had a bit of trepidation in that I really didn’t know what to expect. But Lori’s congenial nature and willingness to have several discussions about the book before and during the editing process created a collaborative, inter-personal environment that works very well for me.
— Debra Davidson, PhD
Lori is an outstanding planner and host. Often I hate conferences and workshops because planners leave too much open space, or too much time between events – this feels like a waste to me. Maybe it’s my AAA personality type, but I came because I WANT to work on the workshop topics. SO thanks for everything. It was PERFECT!
— Kim Berube
andy the bear likes northerly writing + yoga

andy the bear likes northerly writing + yoga